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Desktop,Laptop and tablet setup and repair

Malware and virus problems

Broadband and wireless issues

Wi-fi issues ,Talktalk Tv,Youview setup

Smart Tv,Chromecast,Amazon Firestick

Roku etc

Competitive rates

Buying advice and tuition


Domestic CCTV installation

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Why Choose Our Services

Local company ,competitive rates and prompt service.



We come to you and eliminate problems at the place where you use your equipment .

Usually we can repair your equipment at your property but if not we will take it ,repair it and bring it back and show it working in your home or office,


Any connection issues can be repaired ,we will even talk to your broadband provider on your behalf if there is an issue causing you not to connect to the internet etc.


Flexible working hours, if you prefer an evening appointment we can accomodate this.

Kevin Hughes

T/A KH Computer Services

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